RAISINS - these are nothing but dried grapes, so they can be obtained from the same species of vines from which wine is produced. However, each vineyard has its own specific purpose, that is why  for the production of raisins the producers have already developed new, seedless grape varieties. The process of drying the fruit itself is usually completely natural - the grapes harvested at the end of  summer simply dry on trays in the sun. Sun-drying usually takes 2-4 weeks, after which the raisins are cleaned, sorted and packed. As part of preservation they are often treated with carbon dioxide  which gives the fruit a beautiful golden color. Under the name raisins there are several varieties that differ in size, color and taste.

We offer: 
  •  Iranian raisins      - small , free from SO2 
  •  Iranian raisins      - standard, free from SO2 
  •  Tajikistani raisins  - standard, free from SO2