PEANUTS - are an annual plant, 15 - 60 cm high with yellow flowers. Yellowish gray, brittle pod contains light brown seeds called  peanuts. The number of nuts in the pod depends on the variety - in the Spanish variety - there are two, in the Valencian one - there are up to six. The nuts are covered with a thin, dark brown peel. They are grown in USA, Argentina, Africa, China and India. The most tasty are those from Argentina and USA.   

Peanuts contain 50 - 55% fat (unsaturated fatty acids predominate) and 30% protein. There are also varieties from which 50% fat content has been removed. Peanuts contain also minerals, vitamin E and B vitamins. 

We offer peanuts : 
  • raw
  • roasted
  • chopped
  • flour
  • paste

 * size and roasting lavel we do according to customer's requirements