About the company

About the company

Our company  TRANS-NUSS sp. z o. o.  was established for one purpose:  we wanted to create a multi-generational company with a tradition and to become part of the history of the nut market in Poland. It was our founder who as the first one in the 90's took the risk and started introducing hazelnuts from Azerbaijan to the Polish market. The process of convincing Polish companies of the unique taste and high quality of Azerbaijanian nuts took us several years, but it paid off. Today, hazelnuts from Azerbaijan are one of the most desirable hazelnut varieties on the market. Over time, we have expanded our offer with other nuts and services. We have specialized not only in the processing of hazelnuts, but also peanuts and others. 

   From the very beginning we have been guided by the pursuit of perfection...  

 We know perfectly well that every product is important, so we try to maintain  high quality of the entire production process.   

  We are a company which is certified in the BRC FOOD quality system with the highest grade AA.

 Today we cooperate with the biggest companies producing sweets, both in Poland and abroad. Our clients appreciate our flexibility and individual approach to them, as well as the quality of our products.   

 Our products are natural and therefore, ideal for people who eat consciously. They are  a tasty and healthy snack for those who care about their shape.